Email Marketing Implementation


Are you missing out on the #1 opportunity to gain leads, nurture and sell to them? If you’re not doing email marketing in your business, you absolutely want this training. 2-videos, 1 supplemental handout and a plethora of digital marketing expertise and know-how to get this up and going in your business IMMEDIATELY.



Do you know that you need to start gaining leads to sell your amazing products to, and have no idea how to get started? MailChimp, Get Response, Constant Contact…how are you supposed to choose and which one works the best and how do you engage people who do sign up to your list???

Email marketing is still the most effective tool to use in digital marketing. Here’s why…

  1. It adds more of a personal touch than social media
  2. Email get way more personal attention per customer than any other online platform
  3. Email marketing is a transactional medium for selling…those that sign up expect to receive offers, coupons, promotions from you via email.

If you’re not using this in your business, then this simple step-by-step training is a must have. You’ll receive to informational videos and a supplemental handout to figure out how to effectively use email marketing with your leads, which platforms are perfect for your company and your budget, and how to entice your subscribers to not only open your emails, but read them through to the very end.