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Are you ready to step into your greatness and inner goddess power and unleash the fire inside that is burning white and ready to light up the world?

If you answer yes, I encourage you to open up to a world of possibilities…

To pull back all the layers to your truth and soul, and step into your uniqueness
and build an awe-inspiring business!

Does any of this resonate?

You’ve been through course after course on business building and received strategies that just don’t work for you?
Or maybe you are tired of the endless loop of shiny objects as you’re trying to decide the next steps for your business?
Do you have the mind of a visionary, with amazing ideas and goals, but no idea how to bring those ideas into fruition?

Or maybe you are just…

Losing energy and focus on your entrepreneurial journey and need a boost in both your biz and your health?
Weary of the words “hustle” and “push” and want a gentler, more co-creative approach that feels expansive?
Looking for the best opportunity with like-minded,collaborative individuals to join you on this path to building a heart-centered business?

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.

~ Joel A. Barker ~

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Hi, I’m Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark and the day my car was being towed away 5-years ago, I decided to make a big change when it came to how my life was going to go. Long story short, my family and I were broke, no money and trying like mad to get my husband through grad school. Every penny we had ever saved was going towards education, and funny enough…the education hasn’t paid out the way it should.
Enter entrepreneurship.
Now I’m a successful authentic marketing, intuitive biz coach and bestselling author. I have helped entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams, with many having reached the 6 and 7 figure earnings mark! And I want to help you build the business of your dreams…the one that your soul is calling out for you to create and bring forth for the world to see. And one where you make money and stay within integrity to yourself and your purpose. And it doesn’t have to take years…in fact I’ll show you how to fast track your success and build your incredible business in months! I was able to build my own coaching business in under 6 months.

What is a Goddess CEO?

A Goddess CEO is someone who…


Is fully in tuned with her creative energy and flow


Is all about co-creation, collaboration, and mastermind magic


Knows how to use her heart of gold and intelligence in creating a lifelong, prosperous, and passion-based business


Can hold space and boundaries depending on the situation and circumstances


Recognizes her mindset blocks and seeks the support of other like-minded goddesses to overcome, up-level and appreciate her journey to greatness rather than see it has a burden.


Fully immerses herself in the process and experience of building her business and not so much the outcomes


Becomes inspired and inspires others by her authenticity and inner beauty


Uses all aspects of self to integrate soul and strategy and birth a beautiful biz!

This program was made for you!

This program was specifically made for YOU! The CEO goddess is more than just a business owner. She’s a collaborative, intuitive, heart-centered woman, who knows that business building doesn’t mean you have to act like a man… rather owning your feminine power and being authentic and true to you is what makes your business grow exponentially and attracts your soul mate clients. Best part, you’re having access to a mastermind of other CEO goddesses for ultimate collaboration and support!


Month #1: Breakthrough to Clarity and Build the Foundations of Your Passion-Based Biz (Total Value: $997)

  • Clarity and focus on your business
  • Messaging for your business, core values, mission statements
  • Pinpoint your target audience
  • Branding & authenticity
  • Goal setting your first 90 days
  • Value based mindset immersion

Month #2: Own your Inner Goddess and Set Boundaries (Capacity Planning), Creative Techniques for the Non-Techy & Intuitive, Creative Content Creation (Total Value: $897)

  • Setting boundaries in your business and capacity planning
  • Healthy mind and body techniques
  • Technology needs and development
  • Content creation using storytelling and themes that strategically align with your business

Month #3: Goddess Inspired Visibility and Social Media Basics (Total Value: $1999)

  • Intuitive event planning – both online and offline (in person)
  • Social Media & benefits
  • Strategy behind content creation and output

Month #4: Intuitive Research and Authentic Product Development (Total Value: $2299)

  • Research of ideal client pain problems
  • Creation of authentic solutions with the intention to best serve ideal client pain points
  • Packaging of products and services using creativity and strategy

Month #5: Balancing Your Biz with Evergreen and Automation (Total Value: $3077)

  • Creation of evergreen products that will serve and help you expand the growth of your biz
  • Automation in areas of your biz where you can delegate
  • Nurturing your contacts that is personal and authentic

Month #6: Authentic and Intentional Sales (Total Value: $1877)

  • Goal setting with sales
  • Mindset and service based intentions in sales
  • Authentically selling without sounding sleezy
  • Follow up and follow through for best results

Each month you’ll get: (Value of $11,146)

  • 3 Monthly one-hour to 1.5-hour calls for the 6-months
  • Weekly homework and additional training modules to help with that month’s teachings
  • Unlimited access to private FB group with Q/A available daily
  • Progressive goals and structure, designed to keep you on track
  • Weekly office hours from both Danielle
  • Option to hire my implementation team to help with nitty gritty details for a discounted rate

Plus bonuses worth over $5000!


Access to Danielle’s professional swipe copy email templates for email marketing, query letters to aid in visibility, high converting email headlines, incredible blog titles, and many more! (Worth over $299)!


Bonus trainings to help you; build your website yourself (theme and plugins provided), build your own Facebook group and the hacks to help you beat FB algorithms (that won’t get you locked up in Facebook jail), how to create proposals and sales pages to increase your value, and copywriting 101 so you can speak your language and your ideal clients, and so much more! (worth over $877)


Expert speakers to help you with; money blocks, stepping into success with the entrepreneurial mindset, forecasting and goal setting, and many more! (worth over $1299)


“As seen on” training and media page development to help you be visible and seen as the expert in your niche (worth over $577)


Goal setting and productivity planning and healthy habit worksheets to help you get your visionary thoughts grounded, leaving more head space for creative flow. (worth over $107)


In person mastermind weekend before the conclusion of 6-month program – location TBD. (worth over $2299)

Total Value of Entire Program + Bonuses = $16,146


The price of the program is 1/3rd of this value (payment plans available)!

Proof is in the results!

Awesome People = Awesome Testimonials

This mastermind is not for…


Those who are on the fence about what they’re passions are in life and what business they want to run. For us to hit the ground running, you’ve got to have a good idea of what business you want to create.


Those who aren’t collaborative. I get the lone wolf and wanting to do it all yourself. In order for this group to be successful, we all have to work creatively together. A mastermind is all about bringing all the minds together for ultimate forward movement.


Those who are looking for a one-hit wonder, or magic pill with entrepreneurship. You’ll draw in clients with this program, but really, we’re creating a strong foundation for you to continue growing your business so that you hit whatever goals (financial + spiritual + impactful) that you desire most.


Those who play the victim. We’re designing our ideal lives and co-creating this together. To do that, you’ve got to own your life up until the mastermind start date. Whatever you have drawn in your life is the experiences you’ve created for yourself. I want to empower women to stand in their truth and we start that on Day #1.

Meet your coach!

Founder and Head Coach:

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark; Bestselling author, speaker, and intuitive coach

Danielle is a best-selling author, authentic marketer and intuitive business coach and works with conscious entrepreneurs, helping them to bring their soul’s calling and purpose into fruition. She does this by providing a safe space, which is a positive breeding ground for clarity and purpose driven integration of self and business. Being an entrepreneur since 2009, she’s aided countless individuals in all areas of their businesses, helping them with everything from branding to building out their team in their business. Her mission is to help people understand the importance of self-expression and connection when it comes to building a passion-based business and how this makes you a stronghold in any industry you choose. Not only is she a strategic thinker, but a fun person to engage with, especially when it comes to jokes and silliness!