Hi, I'm Danielle!

I could go into my professional bio first, but I’m all about truly connecting with people. I believe this is where marketing is heading, and being authentic and sharing your stories is not only the new professional, it’s what people enjoy. I often say this…

Real is Relatable!

So here’s the real deal with me. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009. Started out as a copywriter/magazine writer and quickly moved on to digital marketing and online event production. I paid many dues, working for peanuts while gaining massive experience in technology, strategy and marketing. All the while raising my three daughters, supporting my husband through his MBA program in Pittsburgh, moving for jobs and career changes, and a whole slew of other events that left me feeling like the world was against me.

Finances were hard, career prospecting was hard, building a business was hard, and life in general seemed hard…

Until I woke up in 2016.

When I took a step back, out of the victim mentality, counted all of my blessings (which took way more fingers than I currently have), and started to come from a place of joy and abundance…

My life shifted dramatically.

Best part is, I constantly look to the joy and abundance as I pursue my passions and coaching is a huge passion of mine! So, I changed my perspective and started to see my life as easy and in flow. I now see life as a huge gift and even on those days where darkness creeps in, and I go into self-pity mode, I still see the value in the experience I’m having.

And Here’s My Professional Bio

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark; Bestselling author, speaker, and intuitive coach

Danielle is a best-selling author, authentic marketer and intuitive business coach and works with conscious entrepreneurs, helping them to bring their soul’s calling and purpose into fruition. She does this by providing a safe space, which is a positive breeding ground for clarity and purpose driven integration of self and business.

Being an entrepreneur since 2009, she’s aided countless individuals in all areas of their businesses, helping them with everything from branding to building out their team in their business. Her mission is to help people understand the importance of self-expression and connection when it comes to building a passion-based business and how this makes you a stronghold in any industry you choose. Not only is she a strategic thinker, but a fun person to engage with, especially when it comes to jokes and silliness!

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