When your only competition is yesterday’s you…

Do you often look at other’s successes and compare it to your own? This is just one more way that you can be trapped in your own mind, cementing your feet in place, rather than moving forward on your path to your dream life.

Which leads me to a memory of a colleague/friend of mine. When I first graduated college I worked in an engineering/environmental consulting firm as a licensing coordinator. This was about a decade ago and she was one of the lead engineers and also from northern Maine. Irish, red head who was also down-to-earth…we were immediate buddies.

We chatted about a lot of random things and I remember asking her how she had become so successful at the firm so quickly, to which she said, “Well, I never compete with anyone besides myself. So every day I’m trying to better myself, rather than worry about what others are doing.”

Wow, profound from a very successful engineer, who is now a partner in the firm…and she’s seriously just a super happy person that everyone loves to be around. Which leads me to this quote I saw on social media the other day…

This is such an important piece of authentic marketing. The non-comparing and laser focus – with blinders – on what you’re offering the world that is uniquely you. Because when you don’t have those blinders you can get lost in…




And who wants to hang out with their “self” if all they’re going to do is be harsh and listen to that inner critic? With the understanding that sometimes it can’t be helped, especially at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, where everything is new and your transforming your perspective in a profound way, here are a few tips to help you avoid the compare and compete mentality…

  1. Limit yourself on social media – especially if you find that you’re looking at what others are doing rather than focusing on your own message.
  2. Get behind your products and services. Write down what your offerings are, what solutions you’re providing and what pain points you are solving for your ideal clients.
  3. Write down your experiences – the good and the bad. What have you gone through that has made you who you are today. Then write down how that relates in your business. For example, I’m a mom of 3 and because of that I’m awesome at getting a lot of work down, knowing and understanding the best methods to build a business quickly and efficiently and being able to handle and go with the flow no matter what comes my way.

Start stepping out of the “I can’t do it like he/she can,” and start owning the “I can do anything,” CEO mindset. There’s a big difference in the thinking about it and the actual doing.

Where do you get caught up in your business? Is it mindset, visibility, clarity, messaging, accountability, or something else? Want to chat? I have many programs and services that can help and I also offer complimentary calls for those looking to inquire.